My holidays came and went, boo hoo. I went to London, again :) I suspect there will be one more time - at least! I still haven’t seen everything I wanted to see. I did A LOT and I think it was too much for 10 days. I saw a lot and still haven’t seen all that I wanted. I didn’t have time to just wander around and that’ bit sad. It was thing I’ve missed from my previous trip. 

    First Monday was ok, we just went for a walk and small shopping - we wanted to find TK MAXX, which we couldn’t locate earlier. Next days were full :) I went to the Tower Bridge - not that exciting as I thought. It’s pretty from the outside, but insides aren’t that good. Machine room was good.  We’ve had The View from The Shard booked for same day, too, but we mixed up buses and ended up being late, so they agreed to move the tickets to next day. Manager said they would normally let us in, but they had some private event. Sooo, after discovering that bus has stop RIGHT OUTSIDE The Shard and goes from our street - about 300 meters from hotel, duh - we went there again next day. This time we were there hour and half early - for a change :P But we were admitted right away. And I’ll tell you one thing - THE VIEW from the 72nd floor is worth EVERY FREAKING PENNY! Views are absolutely amazing and we even saw how Tower Bridge is opening for a sailing ship and then closing down. Awesome! I could have a room with such view :) From The Shard we took a walk along the South Bank, through Borough market - lots of good food! - to Tate Modern. Then we visited for a while, went shopping and then went to the other side through Millennium Bridge. Next we took bus back to Regent St. and had pizza :) Actually during our stay we were eating either fish&chips or pizza and drinking Kopparberg cider. It was oh so good! It’s Swedish and we don’t have it here. Amazing stuff! I had mixed berry flavor. 

    So on Thursday I was booked for Madame Tussaude. I decided to give them one more chance, after last year. It was all nice and all. We’ve had someone showing us to lift and then to the Marvel’s 4D movie. This was best part! Shop in Madame T. had broken stair platform, so I couldn’t get in, but mom got me few things. Then we went to the zoo. It was nice, not very big. We saw some animals  - of course. They’ve had butterfly room, where butterflies were flying free. It was hard to took photo of them, but I’ve managed to catch one black butterfly and there were two HUGE moths - biggest on Earth. My wheelchair died outside the zoo, so mom had to push me for a bit. Then we took two buses and ended up on Covent Garden, where I had something to do. 

    On Friday we went to Natural History Museum, but I’ve only managed to visit ground floor. There was too much! Besides I wanted to see dinosaurs mostly :)  Next we walked to Harrods, which was boring and then went back to Oxford Street, ate and went back to hotel. 

    Mom got pissed off on Saturday, cause suddenly one of the managers in hotel said they are not there to help lift/transfer me and he even left us note with number of “professional daycare”. I mean WTF??? I don’t need their daycare, only someone to help mom with transfers in the morning and in the evening. Thankfully there was Polish girl at work, so she helped and in the evening there was nice manager, who said help is not a problem, when he’s at work. Besides - when we came, lady from the reception noted we need help and said it won’t be an issue. It wasn’t an issue before either. Ah, never mind idiots. On Sat we first went to visit exhibition The Art of The Brick, by Nathan Sawaya. Very cool! Next we were meeting my cousin and her new boyfriend. 

    Sunday was relaxing - shopping in Forbidden Planet, cake, ice cream and M&M’s World. Monday not bad either. We went to visit London Dungeon - very cool, but they didn’t let us make photos. Then we went to Hamley’s - World’s Best Toy Shop - as it advertises itself. And IT IS AWESOME! We had to buy new traveling bag, cause our shopping didn’t fit on two backpacks. On Tuesday we went to the airport and I wanted to do some shopping after checking in, but we were controlled so throughly, that we barely got to the plane on time. There’s some terrorists alert in UK, but I didn’t expect them to be so controlling. Well, I guess it’s their job. We got to Wroclaw safely and since then I’m catching up on life here :)

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